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We find that in many situations the problem may be different but the solution methodology or process is similar. We have developed a number of programs to deal with these specific concerns to ensure that the essential issues are understood and addressed and not avoided or brushed aside in too technical terms. Simply, what you can measure can be managed.

Taking Action

Business Energiser
Identify the needs and goals of the owners

Profit & Growth Check-up
Discover areas for improvement, growth, or concern

What If
See the benefit of changing marketing, pricing, service etc)

Cash Flow Positive-Plus
Finding opportunities to improve cash flow

Finance Options Review
Ensure current finance is the most effective option

Reporting Systems
Review accounting processes and reporting needs

Wealth Builder
Protection of assets, review of investments, maximising wealth opportunities

Review year's results, focus on improvement, actions to consider

Understanding The Numbers

Cloud based accounting (simpler, more information, reduced costs)

Desktop monitoring of financials (daily information on key numbers)

Analysis & Monitoring
Regular analysis and reporting of financials (understanding the numbers)

Meetings to ensure plans are made and actions taken

Improving ANY Business

Sales; Profit & Cash; Breakeven Sales; Profit sensitivity

Effective Business Planning
One Year Goals, Strategies for results, Key Actions required

Cash Flow Improvement
Reduce the Cash Cycle, Debtor Management, Cost Savings

Profit Improvement
Make more profit, in any business or industry

Price Strategy
Charge more without losing sales

Our services are essentially in four areas: accounting and tax, requirements of start-ups, cash & profit improvement, and monitoring & accountability. The Projects are integral with the delivery of those services. Each project can be tailored to suit your needs and applicable whether a start-up, for growth or a remedial situation. Our services can be as recommendations, assistance as requested, or we can carry out the whole project.


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