Why choose Arnold & Finlay?

We think it's simple. When it comes to choosing an accountant to manage your financial affairs there are two options: industry standard, or something a little exceptional.

We know there's a whole lot more to doing our job than just the clever stuff with numbers. We're different, because we see accounting and tax as a more wider-reaching opportunity than just a way with figures, and business and financial planning at the same high standard goes without saying.

With us it's not just what we do, it's the way we get it done. From legal compliance through taxation advice and tax planning, to business development, our approach is always focused on creating the kind of insightful, innovative and customised service that lets you take your business wherever you'd like it to go.

Our claim is that we can improve the prospects of any business.

But here's the best bit. Because we understand that personality and partnership are every bit as important as a knack with numbers, working with us doesn't feel like work. An accountant who's not a necessary evil but a true asset to your business, a team who has a reputation and a track record for doing things differently.

And here are ten good reasons why you should consider our difference:

1. We are Pro-Active Accountants
We always look for ways to add value for you, and provide new ideas

2. We're not just "Tax"
Our purpose is to help business owners pay less tax, make money, achieve goals

3. We seek to Innovate and be Creative
Better ways to build a business, make money, reduce tax

4. We aim to Simplify
Complex tax and business issues can be explained simply, so you understand

5. We are Available
We return calls and emails promptly, we are available outside normal hours, and we regularly visit our clients at their businesses

6. No Hidden Costs
We agree upfront on our fees for both compliance and projects. The clock is not ticking for simple calls or emails

7. Experienced Team
Our team has experience. We don't just 'process', we understand your business and use care and pay attention to detail

8. Guaranteed Work
We will fix up any aspect of our work that you are not satisfied with, at no charge to you

9. We are a One-Stop Shop
Not only accountants, but we can assist with financial planning, finance, retirement planning, SMSF's

10. No pain when you Change Accountants
We don't charge you to review past returns or records. We liaise with your previous accountant to collect records. We make it so easy!


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