We think that sharing knowledge and collaborating with like-minded people is a good thing, and that's why we participate with a small number of accountancy firms to help businesses use accounting for more than just a means to pay tax, but provide particularly insightful financial management to boost and maximise their profits and cash.

The Proactive Accountants Network (PAN) is a new standard of excellence, in fact, one of the fastest growing groups in Australia. Firms are independent and need to have a high standard of performance, be proactive and committed to leading. Being a PAN member means we strive towards business improvement (ours and yours), have the knowhow and the tools to continually achieve outstanding results, and work proactively with you. Specifically, this means we deliver on the "Awesome 8" services that business leaders expect:

  • Helping you grow your business
  • Increasing profits
  • Improving cash flow
  • Everything legally possibly to minimise tax
  • Guiding sale of the business, and succession planning
  • Properly protecting assets
  • Retirement planning
  • Achieving goals and setting standards, leaving a legacy

Wealth Creation and Protection

Most wealthy people achieve their position through property and equity investments using the cashflow of the business to fund the acquisitions. We don't recommend any particular investment but seek to guide and advise on the steps and principles.

  • Goal setting
  • Wealth strategies
  • Savings plans, and tax reduction strategies
  • Using a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
  • Effective Investment portfolios
  • Using Insurance, eg., Keyman
  • Protecting assets, including Loss of Income
  • Ownership of assets for protection

Veda Finlay is a Limited Authorised Representative (231520) of Merit Wealth Pty Ltd (AFSL 409361), ABN 89 125 557 002. 


By partnering with Xero, an online accounting platform (or cloud accounting), we can not only ensure trouble-free accounting but also offer versatile, functional and useful reporting and management for small businesses. We provide several options to help simplify your accounting, support them so that your reports are always timely and accurate, and we can even tailor them if your needs are not fully met.


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