The Numbers

Research shows most businesses want more from their accountants; sometimes just an idea, perhaps some support, or hands-on help to get something done. We can work with you with any of these and this approach also helps your budget, you choose what you need.

You may have heard that 'what you can measure, you can manage'. We'll guide you on your bookkeeping and help you interpret the results against your forecasts and goals. We work with programs like MYOB and Quicken and we're now showing businesses the significant savings and benefits of Cloud Computing (a Web-based service which hosts all the programs you might need).

These are the major 'numbers' that matter:

  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, usually annual (for tax purposes)
  • Regular financials, say monthly or quarterly (in more detail for management)
  • Job cost and margins (for profit)
  • Goals, forecasts, benchmarks (for budgeting)
  • Variances and trends (for analysis)



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